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by Thornton Wilder

“The Long Christmas Dinner–nine decades long–showcases the lives of several generations of the Bayard family, and some of their Christmas dinners. Wilder breaks the boundaries of time as we measure it, and invites us to partake of ‘one long, happy Christmas dinner’-past, present and future. As generations appear, have children, wither and depart, only the audience appreciates what changes and what remains the same.” (Thornton Wilder Society)

Lucia–Kristie Barr
Mother Bayard–Barbara Saxberg
Roderick–James Lockhart
Cousin Brandon–Douglas Curry
Charles–R. Emmett Mitchie
Genevieve–Kesha Sharee
The Nurse–Lora Nava
Leonora–Tracy Atkins Ulterino
Ermengarde–Lois Fiegl
Sam–Roger Gans
Lucia II–Kristen Ward
Roderick II–Jillian Christensen

This reading is scheduled for:

Saturday Apr. 17, 2021 07:30 PM (concluded)

Zoom Link:

When you attend as an audience member:

  •  Use headphones if you can.
  •  Please mute your microphone when not applauding or laughing or responding.
  •  Please turn off your video transmission while actors are reading.  You are welcome to have it on preshow and during intermission.

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