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by Wallace Shawn

As an execution is going on outside his hotel room, a traveler is alone within a poverty-stricken country. As he comes to terms with the conditions of his life and conscience, he begins to wonder if he is not just responsible for himself. Is he also responsible for everyone else? Originally produced by Aspie Works for the 2014 Rochester Fringe Festival, the Pandemic Play Reading Series presents Wallace Shawn’s blisteringly powerful monologue – reuniting director Justin Rielly with performer Roger Gans.

This reading is scheduled for:

Saturday Aug. 29, 2020 08:00 PM (concluded)

Zoom Link:

When you attend as an audience member:

  •  Use headphones if you can.
  •  Please mute your microphone when not applauding or laughing or responding.
  •  Please turn off your video transmission while actors are reading.  You are welcome to have it on preshow and during intermission.

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