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By Moliere

Friday, April 3 at 7:00pm EST

Mme. Pernelle–Amy Taipale Canfield
Orgon–Justin Rielly (acts 1-3) M.J.
Savastano (acts 4-5)
Elmire–Kimberly Day
Damis–Larry Ploscowe
Mariane–Jessica Giordano
Valere–Katie Keating
Cleante–Donnell Adler
Tartuffe–Judith A. Molner
Dorine–Briar-Rose Murphy
M. Loyal–Lisa Dennison Michalek
Police Officer–Jace Meyer-Crosby

You are about to enter a Zoom meeting. You are attending as an audience member. When you enter the meeting, you will be in the lobby until the play is about to begin. We will admit all audience members at 7pm EST.

  •  Use headphones if you can.
  •  Microphone muted when not
    applauding or laughing or responding.
  •  Feel free to join using video.

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Meeting ID: 698 666 3382

This reading is scheduled for:

Friday Apr. 03, 2020 07:00 PM (concluded)

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When you attend as an audience member:

  •  Use headphones if you can.
  •  Please mute your microphone when not applauding or laughing or responding.
  •  Please turn off your video transmission while actors are reading.  You are welcome to have it on preshow and during intermission.

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